Friday, 29 July 2011

Some Thing Very Different :-D

Not Only am I Obsessed with Miniatures.. But Also Planes! .. yes I know very different lol.. Once a year I like to go Raf Fairford .. Because well that's where I will see my fav Planes either static or Flying over your head  lol.. I have the same excitement over these Jets, Planes as I do My Miniatures .. So would like to share My fav shots of RIAT  2011  .. And Also Nice to meet New Friends on Fb who were also at RIAT ...   My Most fav Is F-16 Falcon Has always been, I love them All, Turkish, Dutch, Belgium :-) others too lol


 Belgium F-16 was totally cool .. And I was so pleased to capture this pic.. Its sooooo fast!

Another good shot!

Turkish F-16 .. Wow ..

Breitling walkers

Lancaster Bomber

The Dutch F-16

Vulcan  XH558 Only one to fly!

She is Awesome .. I love to see her at RIAT ..

Hawk Hunters

My fav Chopper .. Chinook


Have lots more too, lol would take forever to upload :-D ..  With all my pics :-)


  1. I love air shows!!! Sounds like you had a great day. LJ