Saturday, 9 April 2011

Since Miniatura

Since Miniatura I have been so busy with personal life and kids etc as it is lol.. But have already started adding to my collection for my next project .. which is Lutyens House .. This is a very big house, My biggest yet and i so want to get everything right, It will be full of the finest witches, potions, and magic galore ..  This particular house was so right for me for the theme i wanted .. But also a beautiful house to have .. I will be building over the next few months with help and advise from a very good friend Mike from Renegades and which im very lucky to have  .. He has the same house and also building too, I know Mike and it will be Lutyens in every detail inside and out,   I have always loved Mikes attention to detail and how realistic all the houses he has built for his wife and family His work is amazing!  and i love how he will change rooms, add walls, add rooms, etc ..

So here's to Lutyens ....   will keep you posted .. I can't wait !!!


  1. been waiting for this one for so long Helen, really looking forward to it progress

  2. Thanks Helen - as you know my own Lutyens is a slow process, but I'll get there soon!


  3. This is going to be an Awesome house! I can't wait to see your progress Helen :)

    Victoria xxx

  4. Looking forward to seeing photos of the house.

  5. Hi fron Spain!! I enjoyed visit your blog and the originals miniatures,sweet regards,Sonia.