Monday, 24 January 2011


I have been following Nature's Fae on Facebook for a while now and i know a few of you know  Nature's Fae  and have seen all the wonderful  creations  Carlanne Marie has made using Porcelain and Polymer Clay but for those that haven't I thought i would share.

Carlanne is a lovely friend i have got to know and  has been creating faeries and woodland people for many years and has been a costume designer for Renaissance festival and Haunted House, also a Hair  Stylist and make up Artist. I love her work all her Fae's as I call them.  Carlanne's true love lies in nature and her garden is her sanctuary and this shows in her work and that's what i love about Nature's Fae.

Some of  Carlanne Marie's work  went  onto  display at  Cirque de surreal along with her latest Ooak Polymer Clay   Erika Fae she is amazing! Here's some pics Thank you  to Nature's Fae ..

This is Brunhilda She is one of my favourites and is made of porcelain she has so much character about her you can just imagine her in the forest looking after all the woodland folk


  Feather Fae 

Baby Nod 
( Polymer Clay ) 


I love her Chair and all the detail 

Dances with birds 
She is adorable and is porcelain 


Greta And The Goose 

Yule Fae


Ooak Erika Fae
I love Erika and her steampunk stand 

Beautiful wings 

And here's some photo's of Carlanne Nature's Fae at Cirque de Surreal with her work 

 Natures Fae Necklace

Erika Fae 

You can see more of  Nature's Fae on Facebook