Monday, 21 March 2011


I Finally after along time of waiting went to Miniatura at the weekend and I had a wonderful time meeting friends from my forum and on fb it was so nice to finally meet some friends I have met online and over time become great friends was nice to meet up for lunch and share our goodies having a laugh like we do everyday on fb and our forum

We all had such fun and a lots of laughs while having lunch I wish we could have had more time together but we had to get back to shopping! 

Heres what I bought on the day 

My lovely Little Witch from Julie Campbell of 
I love Julies work and her amazing doll's I knew where to go for my perfect little witch, She is adorable Im so happy with her and also was so nice to meet Julie finally in person, I took some Photo's too of Julies doll's at minitura .. they were truly wonderful to see 

I enjoyed looking at all of Julie's doll's and loved the variety of different doll's In the last pic i giggled at the two ladies sat in their chair you can imagine the conversation lol absolutely wonderful dolls for any era in your Dh's ... At the moment im looking for witches and i was blown away with Julies witches and ghosts! I wanted them all lol One day! ha .. My little witch as soon as I picked her up she stayed in my hand ! LOL She is adorable, perfect and i love her stripy pink tights! The detail and clothing its all there .. I will always cherish her ... She is In my tower at the moment with her new Auntie  Esmerelda  and settling in well testing her magic spells :-) 

You can see more of Julies wonderful little people here

My next lot of goodies after finding my perfect little witch was from mags! Of 

Was also so nice to meet in person, I love Margret's mini's And when i saw Vinnie in his cage both myself and penni from 

had such a giggle He is perfect for Vinweeda! ... I will hang the cage from the ceiling I think ... My mandrake which will be for my garden or maybe potting shed .. and potion bottles and also .. My little Witches table with her potions and pumpkin and spells

More pics from mag's stall on sat .. There was so much to see .. and so much more i need that will be perfect,  I have to go back again! 

More goodies I picked up Potions from kastle kelm Miniatures 

More witchy Things the skulls,  bones, crystal ball  and eyeball pie also from Kastle Kelm Miniatures 

Scales to measure potions 

Two Brass Lamps, Breakfast,  bowl of porridge and of course In Mini witches world  A bottle of Rum for those Johnny Depp Nights  LOL

It was a lovely day ... Enjoyed it so much and I think Vinweeda has spoken .. Time to Build My witches cove .. 

Other Pics taken on day 

kastle kelm Miniatures 




  1. What a fun day you must of had Helen. Thank you so much for taking all the photos of the show. I have been enjoying them on FB for the last few days. I love your witch and all the goodies you snagged :)

    Victoria ❤

  2. Hi Helen, great to meet you at Miniatura :0)looks like you had a wonderful time . I love Mags work , so many fab little things . I recognise some kastle kelm things there too,Jenny is lovely isnt she :0)
    julie xxx

  3. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time Helen. You brought some lovely Minis. Love your little Witch from Julie, she's beautiful and Mag's Vinnie is

  4. Thank you Debbie, Julie and Vicki, Jenny was lovely Julie I had a giggle with her over her potions they are brilliant xxxx

  5. Glad you had such a fun time. I love the pics thanks. And that witch is just adorable...

  6. Hi Helen, I love all your purchase. You had my kind of shopping day!!
    I too bought one of Julie's little witches, I warn you they are addictive! Such wonderful work.
    How nice to have met up with lots of other enthusiasts too. I hope you didn't fight over anything!
    The scales are perfect. I missed them completely and they were on my Hogwarts students list. Lucky you.

  7. Hi Janice It was a lovely day and i met so many friends was so great to see them .. Did you buy the witch in the red dress? .. I stood there for a while could not decide over the two I saw .. Until my little witch was in my hand and she stayed there .. So we both have our little witches .. The scales i cannot remember who i bought from, There were only 3 and in a sale will find out where from ..

  8. These are beautiful, I just can't imagine the amount of work that went in to making all this.

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