Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Dollhouse Renegades

Dollhouse  Renegades Is a lovely group on a network site, It's  a group that came together after meeting Lots of lovely people on a Doll house Forum ! We all shared the same hobby and would log on in the evening after a long day of kids, jobs life etc and enjoy each others company .. and get to know ..  And have become such great friends .. That we can have a chat about anything.. miniatures, our latest projects, life etc we would go off topic on a doll house forum! .. which i think to myself its so easy to go OFF topic when you meet such fabulous people that you can relate too in same hobby and in life.. I have met such wonderful friends over the last 3 years  started off sharing a hobby ...   I love all my Renegades friends and they know who they are .. but its also nice to meet new friends , and share the excitement in our miniature world ..

Heres some pics that i love From My Renegades friends .. I Love you all and Thank you for your friendship and all Off Topic posts LOL , like how to make a nice gravy for christmas dinnner  lol And Also to make as many THINGS as i can Thank you Queen Ann Of Things.. For being such a great Inspiration to me and others  to make Great THINGS ..  Thank you all my Witches of Vinweeda for your friendship And the great advise you give to me I love how these girls will say it at it is .. and help me progress :-)

Amanda's latest Modern House, Celeste is a doll house addict.. And loves modern .. here's her Hobby Room Studio in miniature

Clara's Kitchen I love this too.. Very modern .. And i have seen this myself with Amanda When i met Clara

Clara's Bathroom! I love the Colour .. and modern look and is soo Clara she loves Dolphins and I think this is a great Bathroom ..

Clara's bedroom yet again with the perfect Modern Touch

And Clara's Living room ..

Here's a Bathroom from one of Chrisseys Houses lol she has so many! lol only joking Chrissey :-) i love this room because i got to see from the start and all the THINGS Chrissey and her hubby Barry did together

Another Fav of mine Chrisseys war house .. this is just one pic!.. The detail is amazing !

This is Holly's Kitchen.. I love the Modern look, and detail .. and how Holly has done this

Holly's House .. I love the brick work! and im enjoying watching this house come to life lol BriAn ;-)

Julia from Renegades .. Julia has my Dream House  Grosvenor Hall  and this is her latest work .. I love it, and am looking forward to seeing what else Julia does with this house

Julia also recently dressed a bed  for her house .. and i thought wow! perfect!

Also here's Shasha's Church i have really enjoyed watching this progress and all the wondeful Doll's Shasha makes for her church

Everything in this pic Shasha made herself! and i love it.....


  1. Some wonderful miniature settings there, Helen. Thank you to your friends, for allowing you to share the pictures with us. xxx

  2. hi you nutter lovely pictures you posted i like your blog well done xxxx

  3. lol ha ha Hi Dani :-) good to see you in blogland lol xxxxxx