Thursday, 25 November 2010

My Lovely New Shop

My lovely new shop arrived this morning from  and im so happy with it, Christmas has come early I have been looking for a little shop for a while now and when i saw this i just had to have it, its perfect! and everything is done outside and inside so i dont have to worry about how i will do it all, Which is lovely as i can get straight on with decorating my shop.

Its a shop for my witches, and it will be witches hat makers/ brooms/ wands and potions  all together. Im really going to enjoy this i finally have somewhere for my brooms and hats lol...

The shop is so realistic with a aged look which i love,  Here are a few pics  of me  having a lovely couple of hours  putting hats in and brooms and books.

And Little Bob Is my New Mini Bear I also got today

I love the Flooring and Counters

Bob is such a little cutie and he is a little mischievous you can tell just by his look on his face i can see him getting up to all sorts of mischief when the shop is closed ..

Ive just added a lamp that i have its for somewhere else but for now will use this one.

I have Added My Steampunk Wall Clock That I Have Made  

Still lots of things to do will keep updating pics as i go along. Im still deciding how to decorate the wall's Maybe some witches paintings etc also will do more on the clock  


  1. You have been having fun and it all looks wonderful, Helen. That bottom shelf is perfectly sized for your broom :)Thank you for the link too :)
    Julia xx

  2. Looks Great Helen! What fun! Your hats and broom look great in there. I can tell Bob is going to be trouble by the innocent lok on his face hee hee.

    Victoria : )

  3. Thank you Julia and vicki I have had so much fun today Im going to keep a broom on the shelf its the perfect size The broom thats there at moment is for my friend so i will my broom there.. I have just added a lamp i have to put in there for now.. Bob has already been messing around books have moved! ;-) LOL