Friday, 26 November 2010

One Of A Kind Sculptures by Phyllis J Morrow

Phyllis J Morrow is one of my favourite polymer clay Artists, I love all her sculptures, and every time i see a new one i'm just blown away over and over again, Phyllis is a lovely friend who i have got to know through my partner and i wanted to show you some of my favourite 'Girls' as Phyllis call's them.  When created and in final stages " Come to Life " and i love all the detail, and how Phyllis does all her girls  hair,  clothes, even down to the finest details eyes,  hands , nails every thing.  I  enjoy looking at all of her creations on her website ones  i have not seen before and i love every one of them.  I am determined that one day i will have one of Phyllis's Girls.   You can see all of phyllis's  girls on her website.


Phyllis recently  sent me some of her Trading cards .. Collectable Cards ... My daughter collects High School Musical Ones and others  and these are like those, I would to love to collect even more of them because they are just lovely cards to collect of Phyllis's Ooak sculptures.   Heres my collection so far I treasure them and keep them wrapped in the ribbon that phyllis sent them to me, Thank you Phyllis :-)   there is a slight flash from my camera on pics of my cards because they are so shiny ..    Also some pictures of my favourite  'Girls'

                                                 These are my 5 cards

 Pic 's Of   My favourite Girls  ' Elphaba ' She is my favourite witch and I got to see her as a WIP right from the start.   It was wonderful to see  her from a ball of Clay to This! 



    As you know i love my dragons and I loved this                                                  
Nerin is  Phyllis's  Latest Creation  Just days ago                                              

 Nerin is my favourite mermaid, her colours , i love blue, I love all the detail on her tail, face and also pose   she is beautiful, Stunning... And yet again I'm blown away ..

I have just seen phyllis's latest Girl! and yet again i'm blown away! This is the first Little girl i have seen from Phyllis and saw her tonight. She is adorable!  And i love her pose .. in every way even down to her feet and her shoes!  and wanted to share with you for those who have not seen

How adorable! she is an angel !  she is listed now on 

Another wonderful Ooak by phyllis 


  1. Wow she is brilliant! What talent, how would you choose?

    Victoria ♥

  2. Absolutely beautiful Sculpts. Phyllis is one very talented lady..xx

  3. Wow they are beautiful a very talented lady

  4. Hi Vicki it's very difficult to choose a favourite lol xxx