Saturday, 20 November 2010

Vinweeda Brooms

Over the last few weeks running up to Halloween I made some little Steampunk  Brooms for my witches the handle,  broom stick I have made using twigs! and decorating

 After making these little Brooms I then made a Bigger broom  using a bigger broom that i received as a Halloween gift from kat I then made this with polymer clay

I wanted to add a seat for extra comfort when flying

A Speedo Clock

And of course a  foot rest

And here is the  first 2010 Steampunk  Vinweeda  Broom  with added speedo Clock It also has Sat nav lol
Full of Vinweeda magic

The 1st Broom I have made for Amanda a good friend of mine who made  my Vinweeda Dragons ..

The 2nd Broom I have made for Lynda  another good friend of mine who made  my Witches Dress screen

The 3rd Broom I made for my friend Chrissey who loves pink.  She has added the broom to her Bridal Boutique for some  Vinweeda magic for all the Brides to be,  Also adding a pink bow  to the broom

My Vinweeda Dragons

Vincent And Viarosa


  1. Awesome brooms Helen! love your dragons, Viarosa looks so lady like.

    Victoria ♥

  2. Helen, the brooms are fantastic, especially the one with the Seat. I Love the Witches Dress Screen. xxx

  3. Ooooooo great brooms. Ooooooo you mentioned me on your blog 'blush' LOL xxxxx Nice to have you in blog land. Totally cool. Back again soon xxx

  4. Thank you Debbie and Kat ... The Dress Screen is for Vinweeda Cove My next project ..

  5. I LOVE the Steampunk broom with Sat Nav and speedo clock! Have really enjoyed looking at your work - fab!

  6. I was brousing and found your website. I just LOVE all of your brooms. You are so creative and unique. Keep up the great work - ;-}

  7. Thank you janine And Sherry for looking at my site and looking at my brooms glad you like them :-) thank you for the lovely comments :-)

  8. Me encantan tus trabajos, son una maravilla.
    besitos ascension

  9. Gracias por mirar mi trabajo y sus lindos comentarios Ascension :-)