Saturday, 20 November 2010

Modern Dolls House: Big Step for Mini Monster

Am so pleased for my friend Mrspitstop .. Penni :-) I have known Penni a long time and we have many a time shared work we have made along with other friends . Im also working on a modern house which at the moment i have not been working on ! tut tut! However the first time i saw penni's bed that she made for her modern house .. I loved it! And penni has made a bed for me :-) Thank you :-) Its perfect for my Vinweeda Cove along with my other beds.. but this one is Modern! Glass mirrors ..

Modern Dolls House: Big Step for Mini Monster: "Originally uploaded by Mrs PitStopWell I've finally gone and done it. I've set up an Etsy account and I've sorted all the copyright so I..."


  1. You better hurry up and build that house because I cant wait to see it in situe(sp)lol. That of course after I have found something suitable to send it to you in lol

  2. LOL :-) Hopefully fingers crossed Vinweeda Cove will be built just after christmas.. and this time .. whether be wrong I will do inside first.. can't wait to add all my things have collected..

    This bed will be Amanderella's bed so i need turquoise bedding. Thank you so much penni its a cool bed